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Gemeinde Aspach (Druckversion)

Place for enjoyment

Aspach... a lively place for enjoyment ... a pleasant community of many faces. Aspach was created in 1972 by the merger of the previously independent communities of Allmersbach am Weinberg, Großaspach, Kleinaspach and Rietenau. However each part continues to maintain its identity. Allmersbach am Weinberg is scenically located and continues its very old wine tradition, noticeable nearly everywhere, as evidenced by an ancient wine press from the 16 th century. The administrative center for all of Aspach´s parts is in Großaspach. The new Town Hall, first opened in 1989, fits in appropriately with the historic village character. Together with its small plaza, it forms the town´s center. The nearby bell tower of the Juliana Kirche (Church) stands out identifying Großaspach from far off. Kleinaspach lies at the foothills of the Löwenstein mountains, and like Allmersbach, also has been influenced by its wine producing past. Especially noteworthy is its historically significant wine press from the 16 th century. Rietenau with splendid timbered framework houses in its jumbled center, is famous for its mineral water springs, which have been in use since the early Middle Ages.

A balanced mixture

Aspach... a balanced economy has much to offer. ... a natural landscape for relaxation. The community's economy is based on a balanced mixture of proficient tradesmen, small businesses, and modern service providers. Additionally, fertile soil and a mild climate provide ideal conditions for farming and vineyards. Aspach, located at the edge of Metro-Stuttgart, enjoys great popularity as a nearby recreational area. Awaiting vistors are a variety of restaurants offering something for everyone's tastes. While Allmersbach and Kleinaspach are known for their excellent "Württemberger", Rietenau offers a quite different, but in its own way equally worthy "Little Drop"; a first-class, low salt mineral water. Aspach - where the quiet tranquility of the "Schwäbischen Waldes" meets the noisy bustle of Metro-Stuttgart. Aspach´s location at the transition between the Löwenstein mountains and the valley of Backnang is responsible for this sharp contrast in landscapes. Three fourths of Aspach´s area belongs to the Nature Park "Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald". Großaspach lies apart in the sunny Klöpferbach valley.